Namaskar Yoga Saskatoon
Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Studio

Studio Location:
The Studio at Oshun House - 912 Idylwyld Drive North
Please note there is no mail delivery studio location
Mailing address:  2326 Haultain Avenue Saskatoon S7J 1R1
Office Hours:  9:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday to Friday

For registration information:  email

True yoga is inclusive. 
Everyone can benefit in a way that meets their own needs. 
Learn and practice yoga in a comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere.
Relieve stress.  Develop strength, flexibility, balance and confidence.  
Feel better!

Regular Yoga Classes
Beginner - Gentle - Intermediate -  All Levels - Power

Specialty Classes:
Yin Yoga Drop ins - See below for dates!
Yoga for Golfers with Doug, Certified Yoga for Golfers:  4 class sessions
Yoga for Hockey Players or for Curlers - by arrangement
Yoga for Absolute Beginners - 4 introductory classes -  next dates t.b.a. please email if you are interested

See below for details on all classes or contact
Gift Certificates available

Internationally recognized Yoga Teacher Training and Certification   


Yoga Classes with Namaskar Yoga
Location:  Oshun House Studio  912 Idylwyld Drive North
Free parking in the lot behind the studio
Drop-in available by pre-arrangement. Drop in fee: $15

7 Week session
July 10 - August 29
No class August 14 or 15

Class times:
Tuesday All Levels Power with Doug:    7:30 - 8:30 pm
Wednesday Beginner and All Levels with Doug:  1:30 - 2:15 pm

Registered Class Fees:
7 Classes for $75
10 Classes for $90 ($9.00 per class)
Summer 2018 Special:  Unlimited summer classes for $100

*Note to participants*
Starting in September:
1:30 pm All Levels Beginner will be moving to Tuesday
7:30 pm Power Yoga will be moving to Wednesday


Specialty Classes:
Please let us know if you are interested in a Specialty Class 
and we will contact you when we set the next date and time:
Yin Yoga
Kathleen Podiluk E-RYT, RPYT, RYS, RPYS, Yoga Alliance Lead Trainer, Certified Yin Yoga 
or Doug Podiluk, E-RYT, RYS, Yoga Alliance Lead Trainer, Certified Yin Yoga
Description: Yin Yoga is a practice which places healthy, gentle, regenerative stress on the connective tissue of the body - tendons, ligaments, fascia. Postures are practiced carefully and mindfully and may be held for longer periods of time to allow gradual and safe restoration of the connective tissues. The lower body is mainly targeted using passive postures that may feel challenging to maintain. This calm, beneficial practice is a great counter training to more active styles of yoga, and helps to reduce aches, pains and overall physical and mental tension and stress.
Restorative Yoga
Instructor: Kathleen Podiluk E-RYT, RPYT, RYS, RPYS, Yoga Alliance Lead Trainer, Certified Restorative Yoga
Description: In Restorative Yoga participants "consciously relax" the entire body in fully supported floor poses; remaining present and observing the body release, letting go of any goals, and just allowing full relaxation for healing and restoration. 
Please check back for more Specialty Classes!
Yoga for Absolute Beginners - 4 week session
Instructor:   Doug Podiluk, E-RYT, RYS, Yoga Alliance Lead Trainer
Please email for more information
Yoga for Golfers - 4 or 8 week session in Spring
Instructor:  Doug Podiluk, E-RYT, RYS, Yoga Alliance Lead Trainer, Certified Yoga for Golfers

Please email for more information
*Private classes available by arrangement*
Private one-on-one or small group yoga classes with Namaskar E-RYT Fee: $60/hour
More classes at Namaskar Yoga Studio:

YOGA FOR GOLFERS with Doug Podiluk, E-RYT, Certified Yoga for Golf
4 class sessions in Spring
Prepare for the upcoming golf season! Yoga practice designed specifically for golfers. No previous yoga experience necessary – Ideal for beginners. Increase flexibility, strength, balance and focus. Work towards improving your golf game and reducing injuries.
Please see attached poster. email: for more info 
Yoga for Curlers with Doug
Doug Podiluk, 200 Hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance
Classes by pre-arrangement email:
Yin Yoga Drop in class 
with Doug Podiluk, E-RYT, Certified Yin Yoga
Please email: for information

For a calendar of all class dates, times, instructor contacts for fees, class descriptions, etc. please click on Namaskar Yoga Saskatoon 


Yoga Workshops at Namaskar Yoga Studio
Visit the website: Yoga Workshops at Namaskar Yoga Studio under 
Yoga Workshops and Continuing Education
 Some workshops have pre-requisites, while many are open to all yogis!
See the website for details or email

Yoga Class Descriptions

Beginner and All Levels:  This 45 minute class is suitable for those who are newer to yoga, and also for more experienced yogis who would like to work on basic poses with a focus on technique, breathing, stretching, strengthening and relaxation.  The class will include warm up, working on basis poses, strengthening, stretching and relaxation. Participants will be given options to work at their own level at their own pace.
All Levels Power:  This class is suited to all levels of yogis, with opportunities for strengthening the upper body and core muscles.  The instructor offers modifications and also more challenging options to allow the student to choose the level of intensity.  The practice focuses on learning safe technique and transitions, and also implementing the poses into varied flow sequences to strengthen and stretch the entire body, followed by floor work, stretching and relaxation.
Yin Yoga:  Yin yoga practice targets tendons, ligaments and fascia within the body. Each posture is held for long periods of time to encourage slow and safe opening of connective tissues.   Although Yin yoga is a more passive practice it can be quite challenging Yin yoga classes involve a relaxed practice of floor postures that are held from three to five minutes at a time, with focus on the feeling in targeted joints/connective tissue.  A perfect antidote to stress and a great complement to more active styles of yoga.
Open to all levels of students.  Please note this is not a Restorative Yoga class. 
Yoga for Absolute Beginners:  This 4 class session will “start at the beginning” to teach the very basics.   Participants will be able to learn the poses with detailed instruction and at their own pace - a great start for anyone who wants to try yoga. After attending the Absolute Beginner classes, participants would be prepared to continue their yoga practice in another weekly class.   For more info email Doug

New to Yoga?

Here is some information that may be helpful
- Wear bare feet and loose comfortable clothing.  Longer shorts/sweat pants and a t-shirt are fine.
- If you do not have a yoga mat yet, the studio has mats you can borrow.  The studio also provides yoga blocks and straps you may wish to use.
- It is best not to practice yoga on a full stomach.
- Drinking water an hour or so before class will help you to not become thirsty during class.  However, you can bring a water bottle with you if you wish.
- A small hand towel may be helpful as an extra small prop for your neck, knees, etc.
- Please do not chew gum during class.  This can interfere with breathing, distract the other students, and possibly be a safety hazard in some poses. 

In consideration for your fellow participants:
- Some people arrive early to class to relax or meditate.  Please talk quietly before class so as not to disturb the other students.
- We all try to be on time for class, but if you are late and class has started, please come into the studio quietly.
- Some people are allergic to scents.  In consideration for these individuals, please do not apply scented products prior to yoga class.
- Please remember to turn off your cell phone when you come into the studio.   If you need to leave your phone on because you are "on call" - just let the teacher know before class.
- Please do not chew gum during class.  This can interfere with breathing, distract the other students, and possibly be a safety hazard in some poses. 

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance 
For information regarding Yoga Teacher Training Programs:

Click on the link:
Namaskar Yoga Teacher Training
  or email

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